No artificial colors, no parabens, and no mineral oil
Indi Bebe, a cosmetic product line for babies

Made from antibacterial, anti-inflammatory indigo plant extract from Jeju, this mild baby lotion is suitable for sensitive, vulnerable skin. Its unique moisturizing formula softens easily irritable baby skin.
made of ingredients from the clean, natural environment in Jeju
Indi Nature – Mild cosmetic products

Body care brand Indi Nature, which evokes the image of the pure, green environment of Jeju, is exceptionally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It contains indigo plants grown by Ilchul Land's Art Center and highly moisturizing horse oil. We put our hearts and souls into making these handmade products.
The beauty of natural colors,
none of which are the same

The uniquely individual colors of nature are visually pleasant and comforting. Art Center's naturally dyed props, made from natural dyes, represent traditional colors that are good for your health.
Adorable and endearing eco-friendly props,
Organic Indi Bebe Mori

Indi Bebe Mori and Mori, which represent Tamna Sullyeokdo, have lovely designs and are made from eco-friendly organic materials so that they feel comfortable on your skin.
The unique story of Indi

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