Textile props
Ceramic products

Jeju Indi
The special value of handicraft

Jeju Indi's props offer the beauty of handicraft, which are created with exuberant details and careful attention.

If you have a product purchase inquiry, please contact our customer service center at 064-784-7073.

Indi Bebe Mori

Indi Bebe products have endearing and lovely designs and are made of eco-friendly, organic materials that feel comfortable on your skin.

Indi Bebe Mori also has key holders.

Ceramic products

Jeju Indi's ceramic products, made through a process in which clay is shaped with elaborate details and baked in fire, grow more precious and valuable as time goes by.

Our ceramic product range includes Tamna Sullyeokdo Mori, flower mugs, harubang mugs, harubang wind chime, traditional Jeju pottery heobeok, and ceramic plates.